Equity, Debt & Adivsory support for innovative startups in frontier markets.


Afrolink Business Accelerator Program

Business Accelerator program for micro=entrepreneurs in Portugal of African Descent. – under the broader brand of Afrolink. (Projecto online que junta profissionais africanos e afrodescendentes residentes em Portugal).  




Groital is an agribusiness focused on the cultivation and processing of fruits and vegetables into dried products for local and international supply. Our products are the best you can find on the market produced under strict hygienic conditions.


Oko Forests

OKO Forests

OKO Forests works to increase farming families resilience and incomes in West Africa by establishing clear land tenure regimes and implementation of sustainable agroforestry practices. This is critical to creating a green circular future. OKO provides smallholder farmers with technical assistance and support in adopting long-term land management practices that results in better outcomes in cultivation and market access.


Nós Macrarmê Design

Nós Macramê Design

Nós criamos arte com poesia e design aplicado à técnica do macramê.



Dengo Club Lisbon

Dengo Club is a dynamic platform established in 2021, dedicated to promoting the emerging black queer afro Latin culture in Europe. Founded by Saint Caboclo, the platform provides a space for underrepresented voices to be heard, celebrated, and supported through various creative channels, including music, art, fashion, and events. 



Esoko Agricultural Services

Supporting smallholder farmers for over 15 years with innovative information products and services, including climate resilience, weather, market prices, crop tips, delivered by voice message, call centre and SMS. Also providing a suite of tools to profile and track people and events in the field.


Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival 

Also known as Chale Wote, is an annual street festival in Accra, Ghana. The festival targets exchanges between scores of local and international artists and patrons. “Wote” in the Ga language means “let’s go”.


Flame Cuisine

International cuisine, catering and chef training in Accra.